Is Salon your Gossip Shop?

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It was on a Saturday afternoon, at a near-by top-class salon where I went to fix my hair. On getting there, I met the hair dresser in charge but she told me that she was too busy at the moment and that I should check back or wait, if I could. I decided to wait, and while waiting for my turn, a lady walked in to also fix her hair and the hairdresser gave her the same answer she had given me earlier.

The lady opted to come back, and just as she left the premises, a lady in the salon hummed and sighed, “Hum… see this woman oh!” Of course that statement immediately drew the attention of all that were in the salon and they some responded, “what about her?”. To this, Mrs. Rita (not real name) said, “this woman is my close neighbor, she can’t feed well or send her children to school and here she is, wanting to fix her hair in a highbrow salon like this one instead of her to go to a local salon around her house. Hum! I wonder who gave her money. Dear, I saw her walk in like a big madam and I was also wondering if it was not the same woman that has owed me for the past two month now. Maybe she didn’t notice me anyway.”

At that point the hair dresser added “Ah! She has been my regular customer for a long time now.” Everyone went quiet for a while before and few minutes later, a celebrity walked in. She didn’t have to wait because she had come in earlier to book for her turn. After exchanging pleasantries with those at the salon, the hair dresser offered her a sit and began almost immediately to work on her hair. Just after she finished making her hair and left, the customers their resumed their gossip again. This time they didn’t know that the hair dresser is a very close friend to the celebrity that had just left.

“I think I know this lady somewhere”, noted Mrs. Rita and very quickly, Nneoma, the lady sitting close her replied, “Don’t you know her again. She is the current mistress of our boss, Mr. Nduka. She snatched him away from me and I have been wondering what it is that she has that I don’t have. But don’t worry, I promise to teach her a lesson soon.

At this juncture, the hairdresser, who was closely listening to their gossip, quietly excused herself and secretly put a call through to the celebrity who, these ladies were gossiping about. Of course, she told her everything they had said about her.

Hell was therefore let lose when, about twenty minutes later, the celebrity arrived at the salon, very angry and aggressive. “Who said this and this about me”, she queried. Everyone in the salon was both surprised and shocked. “Who said what? asked Nneoma.

“So you are the one” and they start a fight; fighting for another woman’s husband. The worse came when the news got to the lawful wife of the man in question and soon she drove in. Being a responsible woman, didn’t join them in the fight but asked, “Is it because of my own husband that you all are fighting? Anyway, the man is mine, he is my husband and not yours. At the end of the day, he still comes back to me”.

As I sat down there, watching the unfolding drama while I waited for my turn to fix my hair, I began to wonder what the salon has turned into.

Remember, I was still inside the salon, waiting for my turn. I could not help but ask what has gone wrong, “How come a place where hairdressing is done, suddenly turned to a gossip centre, where people come to discuss other people’s problems and secrets? Yes, even if it is a place for relaxation, must we gossip there?

So my dear, if you want to get the latest gist happening around you, go to a salon because they now disseminate information more than the press.

But my advice to you readers is that for you to keep your secret, if you get to a salon, don’t discuss or disclose your secrets, don’t even say a word because it may be used against you. Do you have any similar experience. Please send email to:

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