Expensive Weave-on, Poor Stylist

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It was December, and everyone was looking forward to Christmas. Some where expecting Christmas gifts, people were filled with different expectations. For ladies, trust they would always love to look gorgeous.

DSC_3398 2On my own part, I woke up one

Morning that was supposed to be few days to Christmas, I received a call from my long time good cousin Anita, from abroad and she said to me “Merry Christmas in advance my Nunu!” And I wished her same but the happiest of all was when she said “am sending you a Christmas gift.” I was happy and said Ok. Just the next day the gifts arrived and guess what readers hmm, It was a box full of gifts, opening it, I saw this shiny pack, then I opened it lo and behold it was a weavon of a new product, so natural, expensive  and different from other weavons . I was so happy, as if she was reading my mind because to me I wanted to look so different from other ladies on Christmas

Just three days to Christmas, I thought of the best place to go to have it fixed properly. I thought of the best quality salon around my area. Hear what happened, I remembered this highbrow salon that is like two kilometers from my house. I hurriedly got there because I have heard so much about it. Getting to the salon, I met the hair dresser, I showed her the weave-on I had, she marveled, and I described to her hair style I wanted.

She was truthful when said “honestly dear, I don’t know how to fix this type, though am a specialist but no I can’t.” I was so disappointed of the fact that the person I saw as a specialist could not fix it for me. On the other hand, I was happy because she was honest with me, and then I moved to the next shop that was also close to her, and she said same thing the previous hairdresser told me earlier, and it was same story all along.

Yes, same old story all along, till I called my friends to please help me out. One of them, Gemma, “you know am a model, and models fix and use different kinds of weave-on. I will take you to my best and specialist hair stylist in side town where you can have your hair fixed,” She stated. I agreed; we fixed a date.

When the time came and we got there, we met with the lady in charge and she promised me of a good job. Not knowing she doesn’t even have an idea of what the weave-on looked like not to talk of using or doing a good job. She said “I have been in this job for quite a long time now, I fix models, celebrities and they have never complained to me. I have handled weavons, so yours is not new.” At the end, she assured us of a good job and we started.

The hair was not encouraging at all, as I watched her closely. She was just busy cutting and fixing, Words were forced out of my mouth when she got to the center of my hair and still it was looking rough, I shouted, “please ma don’t, am tired!” But by that time, it was too late for me because she had already wasted the weave-on. It was not funny, I just ask her to stop. “Please stop!” I shouted. I angrily loosed the braid, gathered the weave-on and went back home, I got home so disappointed, not knowing what to do again with the remaining weave-on and before I knew it, tears was all over me as I sat to think of what to do with my cherished weave-on.

On Christmas day, while everyone was busy flaunting their Christmas hair, mine was messed up.I was so sad; I did nothing else to my hair rather than wash and set it. I didn’t even have the mind to go out for fun again because I could not imagine myself looking odd, I was so afraid to fix again because my weave-on was already a waste.

Honestly, I think hair stylists should be well informed of the latest styles, weavons, embark on trainees if possible every year to know the modern styles. So as not to just sit down, with the hope that you have learn enough and you’re a specialist so nothing more .Just incase you have been in this situation before, or as a hair stylist you are looking for a place to learn more, not to worry, the Universal Hair Care will soon unveil its school, where basic skills on hair treatment will be thought for two weeks.

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