Tips To spice up your relationship

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As technology has evolved over the years, so have most things, including personal or love life. Imagine a pot of stew without the curry, thyme, nutmeg, and other spices. Ladies, you know that, you’ll be sending your man to Calabar kitchen or the nearest Amala corner, if you don’t pay attention to this advice. I guess you already know what that means.

Untitled-1 copyYou may be in a relationship that lacks spice and is waiting to crash or is existing out of necessity, sit back as we  ride together on some of the things which you may already know probably but do not practice, but can of course, spice up your relationship; adding sparks to it, once again.

Respect: – Apart from love and care every man desires to be respected by his woman. Do not argue with him in public or talk rudely to him in front of his family, friends or strangers.

Always be slow to anger, quick to apologize and willing to forgive  ‘I am sorry’ can only add to you, it will never reduce you.

Appreciate  appreciate your man and always say “thank you” for every kind deed, no matter how simple. Appreciate every gift and do not bother about the price, even when he tells you, do not nag about how expensive it is. He may never buy you things again if you do that.

Respect his family- You can’t be friends with every member of his family, but he loves them though, so respect them.

Mealtime  Mealtime, I say, is family time, no matter how busy you are, make out time to cook and serve his meal once in a while; do not allow the house help take your place.

Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. Your man should come home to a comfortable and clean environment, if your home is always untidy, you will be sending him out to go look for a comfortable place where he can relax.

Neatness  How much attention do you pay to your personal hygiene? Only you can answer this question. Some women fail to take care of themselves, when they are married. They begin to appear unkempt, making themselves unpleasant. When was the last time you changed your under wears or wore a decent night dress to bed? He’s tired of seeing the same undies over and over again; he is bored of that faded night dress. Make your hair, change your undies; look good; smell nice and you’ll be amazed to see what this can do for you.

Remember, a man who goes to work all day and sees neatly dressed ladies shouldn’t come home to an unkempt woman. Attention  Pay attention to his moods, ask about his job, business, challenges and try to contribute positively. Avoid blaming him so harshly whenever he makes mistakes. Men are like children, a child you give attention to will always be fond of you, but neglected kids don’t ever give you their best.

Nagging. Give him peace of mind; you can make your point nicely without saying it repeatedly. Don’t be a nag

Say it  When was the last time you paid compliments to your man? Leave notes of I love you, I miss you, I care and other nice words in his pocket, wallet e.t.c  send love messages to his phone, mail box, and even call him to tell him how much he means to you.

Furthermore, there are lots of other things you can do as a woman to spice up your relationship; however all can not be discussed on this page. Until I come your way next time, stay positive, season your relationship and live the best of life. Cheerio!

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