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Hello, Africa; good-day, Nigeria. This edition is dubbed by our Editorial board as a Special edition as well as an International Edition; one that is inspired by Kanekalon, a division of Kaneka corporation of Osaka, Japan – a leader in Hair fibre manufacturing.  An inspiration to hairdressers, and indeed, the hair industry, the company provides the world’s most renowned synthetic fibre to X-pression, Darling, Sublime, Darling Ghana, and a few others.

Kanekalon is relentless in providing opportunities for African women. The grand final of the Kanekalon event began with a campaign tagged Salon storm and Campus storm. Then, regional Auditions – Ghana’s was on May 12th, Delta state was on June 6th, Port Harcourt on June 9th, and Lagos audition was June 16th. The road to the 2018 Miss Kanekalon grand final is paved with anxiety, excitement and profound anticipation. Warmly endorsed by the Hairdressers’ Association in Nigeria,  the Finals is scheduled to take place in the opulent setting of Landmark Event centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. And for the first time in the history of the event, Hair Associations in Nigeria have been  given the opportunity to showcase their talent in a presentation of  their handcrafted Avant-garde. Set to be anchored by the highly acclaimed duo of Helen Paul and Koffi; music by Kiss Daniel, the July 14th, 2018 event promises to be a world class act.

For those who are conversant with current activities in the hair industry, excess supply of imported hair products has become the order of the day. Fierce competition amongst Chinese manufacturers cum importers is at its highest level; consequently giving rise to a price-war and dumping. Shouldn’t the government of their country be curious enough to ask why their products are cheaper in Africa than they are in their own country where these goods are manufactured? How do they make their profit? What’s their secret?  How long can they sustain this mentality of: sell-by-any-means-necessary? 

The future of the Hair Industry is leaning towards Online. Aside from the fundamental hardships of lack of credibility, logistics, sincerity of purpose; with the advent of smart phones and creative thinking, we see increase in Online activities  and an exponential growth in home-service as ideas whose time is just two years away.

Wig-making is another aspect of the hair industry that is growing rapidly. Some entrepreneurs have made serious money from setting up training facilities; some virtual, and they are winning. Certainly, a fantastic opportunity to be explored, even if you are not a trained hairdresser. 

We use this opportunity to pay special appreciation to the domestic hair manufacturers. We mean the legitimate ones. Not those who specialise in faking other people’s ideas. With huge payroll, high energy costs, difficult environment, they still turn out SON-certified products, while providing a means of livelihood for countless families and individuals.. Kudos to them.

If your woman, sister, daughter, mother, asks you for a gift of hair, please don’t  deny her. It’s dangerous to do so. And it could even hurt you more. Imagine the consequences of allowing someone else to provide it for her. 

Hair remains a woman’s crowing glory. Anyone who disputes this age-old belief should have his head, not the hair,  examined.


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