African Hair & Beauty Magazine, is a publication of First Choice Communications Limited, the Magazine is bi-monthly magazine that has been in circulation since April 2002. The 64-page, all coloured, glossy, magazine, with local and international circulation, is recognized as a pioneer as well as the #1 Magazine in the West African Hair and Beauty Industry.

The objective of the magazine since inception has been: to educate, inform and increase the level of awareness of its readers in matters relating to Hair, Styles, African Beauty problems and solutions, and contemporary women issues.

For instance, is it better to shampoo your hair using cold or hot water? Show me your hairstyle or your scalp, and I’ll tell you who you are.

Do Africans really spend more money on their hair than they do on food, health and education, combined? Why do we wake up to find pimples on a spot that was sometimes perfectly okay before we went to bed? Which are the best Moisturizers and makeup colours for Africans? Are there hair-care products and cosmetics that are specifically designed for black people? When is it too late for an African woman to get pregnant? The Magazine strives to answer these and much more.